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Welcome to Zindagee! The information website for the UK Asian community!
Zindagee means 'Life' to a billion people around the world in over 240 dialects. This site is about helping the UK Asian Community to develop a single articulate voice and to present to non-Asians all that is good about our culture. This site supports integration and aims to promote understanding between the diverse cultural groups in the UK. One of our aims is to promote intelligent discussion on issues salient to UK Asians. 

So what can Zindagee offer you? You can check out what's on tonight in your area, e-mail, find how many rupees you can get for 1, chat online with your friends, express your views on issues such as racism, and much more.

What's new...

Check out the Asian Version of HOT OR NOT? Rate others; and submit your own picture now!

For a thoughtful exposition of some salient issues surrounding extremism, click here to read an article titled 'Assessing extremism- a global necessity'.

Islam has been in the news a lot lately. So here at Zindagee, we have produced a factual guide to Islam for interested non-Muslims to learn more about the world's second largest religion...Click here..

And whilst a lot of attention has centred on Western victims of terror attacks, we must also not forget the victims of Afghanistan and Iraq which have already been affected by drought, sanctions and decades of war. Click here to find out how you can help...

Ever wanted to ask your boss for a pay rise? Or how to make a good impression on your first day at a new job? Find out how here... 

the secrets to interview success...

More Ask Auntie answers including to "Auntie, I'm gay and haven't yet told my folks. Help! What do I do??"


and "Auntie, I think I am falling in love with your husband...."

... And of course don't forget to
check out the classic Ask Auntie section. More...

Zindagee has produced a simple recipe for producing any kind of curry you want! (though actually the credit really must go to the Editor's mum, to be fair!) More...

And don't forget to check out the Curry Glossary...all the things you wanted to know about curries but dared never ask!

Wondering where you can catch a Bollywood film? Click here...

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